accommodation rules

By issuing the hotel registration together with the hotel card, the accommodated guest also undertakes to comply with the accommodation rules of Matyšák Hotel.

  1. The hotel can only accommodate a guest who is properly registered or has booked and confirmed services by the hotel. To this end, he/she shall present a valid identity document to the receptionist. Immediately after showing the identity, the hotel will issue the hotel registration together with the hotel card, which provides access to the room.
  2. The hotel provides services to the client, in the scope and quality according to the Decree of the Ministry of Economy of the Slovak Republic No. 419/2001 Coll. regulating the categorization of accommodation facilities and classification features for their classification into classes.
  3. Based on the booked and guaranteed accommodation, the hotel is obliged to accommodate the guest from 2 pm, unless agreed otherwise by individual agreement.
  4. The hotel reserves the right to offer the client other than the agreed accommodation in special cases, unless it is fundamentally different from the order confirmed.
  5. The guest is obliged to vacate the room by 11 am on the day of departure, unless otherwise agreed. If the guest fails to comply with this obligation, the hotel will be entitled to charge accommodation beyond the scope of the agreement.
  6. If the client requests prolongation of stay, the hotel may, within its capacity, offer him / her a room different from the one in which he / she originally stayed.
  7. The guest is obliged to pay in full for the services ordered, including the accommodation service, according to the valid price list, at the latest upon departure from the hotel or otherwise, under individual agreement.
  8. The hotel is objectively responsible for the items brought by the accommodated clients into the accommodation facility, as well as for damage to the items in the place reserved under Sections 433 to 437 of the Civil Code. Money, valuable items and documents are kept in the room in the safe. The hotel is only liable for demonstrable damage of maximum up to € 331.94, for money, valuables and documents without restriction in case of taking them over into safekeeping. The accommodated person loses the right to compensation if he/she does not exercise his claim within 15 days from the occurrence of the damage.
  9. The guest is fully responsible for any damage caused to the property of the hotel and is obliged to pay such damage in full.
  10. The hotel is not responsible for any disagreements or conflicts between guests, but may, within the limits of the law, take the necessary measures to ensure order and peace in accommodation and other hotel premises.
  11. The hotel provides protection for non-smokers, smoking is possible only in the designated areas specified by hotel. In case of violation of this point the hotel has the right to increase the price of accommodation by € 200 per day due to pollution of non-smoking areas.
  12. Guests are not allowed to use their own electrical appliances in the hotel area or hotel room. This regulation does not apply to electrical appliances serving the guest’s personal hygiene (shaver, hairdryer, etc.).
  13. The hotel is not held responsible for any injuries to children who have been unattended by an adult.
  14. The hotel does not allow entry and accommodation of animals in the hotel.
  15. The hotel car parking area is for hotel clients only. Parking is paid and unguarded.
  16. Complaints and claims of guests are carried out in accordance with the Complaints Procedure Guide of the hotel, which is located at the hotel reception. The guest can report such events to the receptionists, the hotel management personally or in writing.
  17. The client is obliged to follow the hotel’s accommodation rules from the moment of room rental. In the event of violation of any of the points in the accommodation rules, the hotel has the right to withdraw from the Accommodation Agreement stipulated in the Civil Code even before the expiry of the agreed period.

Bratislava, 11 November, 2019